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About us

As a qualified  hair stylist for 13 years, i get asked this question A LOT! "How can i make my hair in better condition?"

The first step that you can do yourself right now! is apply a hair mask!

My fave treatment is Olaplex, it is suitable for all hair types & it actually works! but there is so many on the market but I swear by Olaplex No 8 bond intense moisture mask

My only issue was finding the right time to apply my mask, as i hated the feeling of my head being cold. & i liked to leave my mask on overnight.

So this is where our treatment turban is introduced. i have found that wearing our tuban keeps your head warm, but your hair wet!
*Fun Fact* Your treatment stops working once your hair is dry!
wearing our Lux turban will keep your hair moist throughout the night, meaning your treatment will be working for longer!!

 it is not a towel so it does not absorb the water (leaving you with a wet towel on your head) 

It is light & delicate so there is no tension pulling on your own hair.

& finally you look cute, so you can literally do a hair treatment at any time of the day! working from home? overnight? during a workout? applying your tan? 

Start your hair journey now! & look forward to healthier stronger hair!

Check out our basic turban that has just been added to our website! This is designed to let your hair ‘Air dry’ before applying any heat, the light weight terry towel  will cause you less tension & pull on your natural hair, we recommend to wear this for 30mins prior drying.